Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ulsan Bawi in Mt. Seoraksan

One of the most be loved place in South Korea is Mt. Seorak or Seoraksan. It is so popular because of its dynamic figure and winter scenery. Actually the name also come from snow and rock in the mountain.

Mt. Seorak is so big so people visit the Heundeul Bawi or Ulsan Bawi for making their trip more exciting. For "lazy travelers" there is cable car which bring you to the middle high peak of Mt. Seorak. You don't need to worry to walk a lot. Because after cable car, the scenery is very beautiful also.

This is the place we can visit in Mt. Seoraksan national park. The round trip will takes about 5 hours for travelers.  There are many "ladder stairs" to reach here. In my opinion this is the best place where travelers can feel the Seoraksan and command a fine view. 

You can visit Geogeumseong fortress if you have time after visiting here.Normally people visit two places at the same daytime.

Out Insights Korea tour will make you more enjoyable during the tour to Mt. Seorak.



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