Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Some Sevit (=Floating island, Sevit Seom)

+82 10-9565-5757

Some Sevit is artificial island which is next to the Banpo Bridge where moon light fountain is played.

There are three islands in this Some Sevit. You can enjoy beautiful night scenery of Han river and cafe, restaurant.  You can enjoy the beautiful scenery from out of the islands. It is belong to the Banpo Hangang Park which is south side of Han river and 15 minutes away from Gangnam station.

The lights on the islands change colors ever seconds. It make the islands more beautiful.

+82 10-9565-5757

+82 10-9565-5757

People are get together there, have small talks. They go on a picnic when it is hot at night. The cool breeze from the Han river cool you body and your mind. You can take slow deep breath and blow you stress away.

It was part of Hangang Renaissance Project in 2009. The project had been floated, because the way how to operate and economical feasibility. After some difficulties, it was opened finally in October 2014.


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