Wednesday, July 15, 2015

DMZ in Korea.

DMZ is a buffer zone between two Koreas. It was established to prevent a clash of arms. 

DMZ is an area looks like a belt from East to West. It covers 2 kilometers from the MDL to the South Korea and 2 kilometers from the MDL to the North Korea. So it is located in the middle of the Korean peninsula.

Actually some area is narrow than 2 kilometers because of the shape of a river or mountain which was the front line during the Korean War.

The Value of DMZ nowadays

  • Perspective of Peace: the last relics of Cold War. Now it is very peaceful.
  • Perspective of Ecology: the eco-system of DMZ is an area symbolizing the nature’s recovery ability (self-cleaning ability) – destroyed during Korean War and recovered after the Korean War
  •  Perspective of Future: DMZ is emerging as the land of opportunity for unification (it can be a model of world-wide eco-tourism and peace tourism) 

DMZ Tour sample destinations: it is vary

  • Imjingak park 
  • Check Point (Civilian Control Line) 
  • the 3rd Tunnel 
  • Dora Observatory 
  • Dorasan station 
  • Tongilchon (Unification village)  

Photo regulations (as of July 1, 2015) 

  • No picture inside the 3rd Tunnel and inside buildings 
  • No pictures of Soldiers or military facilities 
  • No pictures at the Check Point in CCL(=Civilian Control Line) 
  • and the guide says "No" 

MUST bring: Passport (ALL of you)

Related Destinations: 

  • Incheon Landing Memorial Hall (Operation Chromite Memorial Hall) in Incheon
  • Weolmido
  • Freedom Park with the general MacArther

Notice: DMZ can be canceled with notice, because of security, conflict, military operation, to isolate military from virus, etc.


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