I am an expert skier.

I will bring you to the Jisan Forest Ski Resort where we can reach in an hour from Seoul by car. So you don't need to waste round trip 5~6 hours in the road. Free ski lesson for beginners will be very helpful for you to enjoy and learn how to ski.

In my opinion, it is very important for beginners to learn 'Position', 'Side stepping', 'Walking', 'A Style' and especially 'Hot to stand up'. It is also essential for you to keep in mind safety instructions.

First year,
learn basic skill. e. g. How-to put on/off ski, Side Stepping, Position A to slide down, How-to go slowly.

Next year,
learn 'V Stepping', 'Up-and-down', 'Cross Over', 'Balancing', 'Long Turn', 'Short Turn', 'Parallel Turn', etc.

I will be with you on the slope. Let's hit the slope together.

♡ Please bring Ski Clothes and Gloves if you have. We can rent them also.



Time : 09:00 ~ 18:00 (9 hours, hotel to hotel. This is recommended time line. )
Hotel - Rental (Ski Clothes, Ski Gears) - Ski Lesson and Skiing on Novice Slope - Free Time or Go on Chair Lift and Slope with Guide according to Your Choice and Skill Learned - One of Seoul Highlight Places - Hotel

♡ Snowboard also possible on your choice.
♡ Bring Ski Clothes and Gloves if you have.