Monday, December 25, 2017

Must try in South Korea

어묵[Eo Muk] is one of must try in South Korea. Especially when you go to Busan it is mostly recommend. 
It is made of fish so most common expression is "fish cake" but originally the shape looks like sausage, flat later 'cheese looking' EoMuk started to sell.
It will be good item if you don't like red meat. It also have a long history.  It started with royal dishes to eat fish more easily. As time goes by it became just food for hunger during Korea War when almost all South Korean people ran away into Busan where only little place unoccupied by North Korea. And after the Korean War South Korea recovered from pain of war and bacame top 20 advanced country in the world. e.g. South Korea is a member of G20. 
Now it (EoMuk production ) have been adopted new technologies of scientific and organic methed to produce diverse and more delicious EoMuk. 
It brings a memories of winter to a Korean people e.g. Steam comes out of cooker in at the corner of street, eat EoMuk and drink a cup of EoMuk soup when it is very cold. The Ajumma ask some question that saying it us very cold tske care of you well, etc. 

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