Monday, February 19, 2018

Seoulham battle ship park.

Seoulham battle ship park at Hangang river.
It opened in 2017. It is small section of Han river side park with battle ship, submarine, and high speed war ship.

Hanan riverside park is very famous for Korean picnic. If you are planning to visit Hongdae area I suggest you to visit Hongade and this park together. Hangang was very important military location through the Korean history.

In late 19th century, there were many counties invaded to Joseon dynasty, like France, Cheong(former China), America, Japan. This place was very near at the those place of invasion was happened, because Yanghwa was the "thorough to the palace". Even though these history, Joseon dynasty survived finally and become the top 20 economic volume country.

Just forget the recent history of Korea, you can enjoy the scenery of Han river which is more beautiful in the summer.


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