Saturday, February 10, 2018

Phocheon Art Valley

Art Valley in Pocheon is famous drama location of Lee Min-ho and Ms. Jun Ji-hyun. It was the "Legend of the Blue Sea". 

The small mountain was quarry but during cop the rock it produced dust and made a pollution near by residential area. So finally it cease to crop rocks in 2000s. And not it became like small park with astronomical class hall.

The main section of this Pocheon Art Valley is the picture above. The rocks are all vertical as you can see in this picture so that this scenery makes artificial beauty. And it became looks natural as time goes by. Sometimes there is concert on the small stage near the cliff.

You can see the Sanjeong Lake and Herb Island together with this Art Valley. Please plan to see together these sites if you once to to Pocheon city. 

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