Friday, February 2, 2018

Sanjeong Lake in Pocheon city.

The Sanjeong Lake (산정호수). 

The San Jeong means a place at the top of mountain.
The shape of lake is looks like reverse Korean peninsula, it is about 2 hours distance  (about 100 km) by car from Seoul. It is not far distance considering the Korean traffic situations and size of South Korea. It is considered normal distance to drive for leisure.

There are some places to visit together mostly this place a a place the first leader of North Korea, Kim il seong, to have a vacation, like summer house. There are botanical garden, Pocheon Art Valley, Herb Island near by here by half an hour driving.

There are some activities like:
   - peddling boat (duck boat) in summer.
   -  ice sledge, duck trailer, Korean Skate, Tricycle, etc. 
You can enjoy these activity normally in January and February according to the ice thickness. These activities will give you a variety of winter activities. There is also ice-fishing section but it is not much being held during week days, it is normally being held during weekends when there are more visitors.

But this place is normally sightseeing place so that you can enjoy country side views and pampas forest.There are one of famous pampas forest to see in the autumn. The sunshine reflection on pampas is very beautiful. This area is 2 hours away from the lake. But from the lake you can reach this area by enjoying walking through mountain area for hiking which make you enjoy the scenery.


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